My Story (or a piece)

Life is full of stories.

woven. spiritual. purposeful.

the many chapters piece together

a unique journey,

a rich life.

A piece of my story.

To date, I've lived a beautiful adventure, crafted by the hands of God. One of my most cherished moments was the birth of my son, Luke (who you will see in some of the galleries). As a mother, there are so many times that I say, "I wish I could freeze time and keep you this big." The beauty of photography, is that I can. Each chapter is as precious, if not more, than the one preceeding. On several occasions I will just sit and look over my personal Facebook galleries until the memories become tears. A good photograph has the power to revive the lost or forgotten: sight, smell, touch and emotion. Remember each chapter well.

I like to tell a good story.

I've always loved a good story (especially with a warm cup of joe). As a child, nothing was more fun for me than to hear my grandparents tell of childhood in the 30's; The price of a soda, playing with kids in the street, and doing chores at Gosey-Pop's grocery store.

This is how.

Photography has become my way of telling stories, and recording the many chapters that, once past, become invaluable. One frame can capture the essence of a day. And, that is my aim for each session. To capture this moment in your life and record it as a chapter in your story. I love raw, natural expression (especially in children). Please don't expect to see only posed, smiling, traditional photography during your session with me, as this is not what I do best. Do prepare to see expressions that are visible every day.

Bits about Holly.

I'm a follower and lover of Christ; His church, ministry and message.

I've been described as a "fire-ball". I'm fiesty, determined, hard-working and willing to speak my mind.

My husband Collin is unconditional love and laughter for me. I couldn't have asked for more.

Being a mommy is the single hardest, most precious and scary thing I've ever experienced. I was meant for it.

I am a parent to a rescue dog named, Jack.

I'm still best friends with my high school BFF.

I started out shooting with a Canon AE-1 film camera and a 50mm strapped around my neck. The beginning of my romance.

I have a degree in graphic design with a photography emphasis.

I'm a huge supporter of taking care of our planet. I marvel at all God created and am constantly re-interpreting it.

I am and have been an art and photography teacher for inner city, suburban, and private schools. I also teach photography to adults in downtown Indy.

My day is better when it starts with Starbucks.

You will probably see me at a nearby antique mall or thrift store.

In a moment of weakness, I eat dark chocolate :)